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We have a wide range of styles and types of mattresses that meet your needs and taste (spring mattresses, latex mattresses, low-cost, medium- and high-quality lines)

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Excellence Line

  • Silk
  • Platinium
  • Lótus
  • Sublime

Yoga Line

  • Yoga Adapt Plus
  • Yoga Health
  • Yoga Spine
  • Yoga Adapt

2020 Original Line

  • 2020 Visco
  • 2020 Adapt Látex
  • 2020 Health
  • 2020 Spine
  • Original Orthopedics
  • Original Basic

Molinhas Kids Line

  • Júnior
  • Cochoneta
  • Baby Health
  • Baby Comfort
  • Baby Oxigen

Excellence Line


Yoga Line


2020 Line


Molinhas Kids Line

Molaflex Mattresses - Viscogel

Foam VS Gel

Mattresses Foam vs Viscogel

Yoga ViscoGEL Mattress

Enhanced support surface thanks to a larger number of springs per block
Maximum stability with independent rest areas thanks to the MultielásticNxT® spring system
ViscoGel® surface that adjust itself to your body and offers an excellent feeling of freshness and thermal comfort
Healthy: hypoallergenic fabric and filling to avoid and prevent allergies

Essence Mattress ViscoGel®

ViscoGel is a viscoelastic foam with gel particles that adjust itself to the body's temperature and shape like no other material


  • Multielástic NxT® continous spring
  • Encasing
  • Termo Bound felt
  • Comfort System®
  • NT textile
  • Recyclable foam
  • Commodo® system
  • ViscoGel®
  • Stretch fabric